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ESCO Artist Painter



I am an Air Brush Artist and specialize in Repair statues...If you have a damaged statue needs repair, you came to the right place. Check out my pages and gallery of my work. I paint Saints, Esco statue, and repairs.. .Contact me if interested in any Character statues or need repairs on your OLD statues. (Price Depends on Damage). Also..If you like to sell your statue, i will do it here on my site for you for 20% fee Just send me the statue and price your looking for. use contact link to discuss...I have several originals from time to time On Esco Sales Link! Also note these are nearly 40 years old so some might have some signs of wear. WE also sell your statues, and we

also BUY statues...Click the wanted Link Above to see what I am looking for.also check out the new era esco style statues on the New esco style link.

On the Sales page ,you can find some really nice ESCO style  Statues and some pretty rare ones.....

So check the sales page from time to time!

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