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Proto-type of person.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) How much will my custom statue cost?

It depends on how much material is needed to create a specific personalized

features statue, ie: child, adult, special order, special charater/actor etc.

Please contact us directly with exactly what you want created and we will let

you know the price:

2) How long does custom take to make? Answer: Approx 6-8 weeks

3) How tall is the statue? Answer: Approx 17" tall Esco size

4) How much will it weigh? Answer: Approx 8-9 Lbs

5) What will it be made of? Answer: Chalkware

6) Does the artist/sculptor need to see me in person or can he work from a photo?

Answer: He can work from Photo's from all angles. that you supply

7) Will you create a custom body for my statue to go along with my features also?

Answer: Yes but that will be expensive...Or pick from 28 Character bodies I have.

8) how long will it take to recieve my order of 1 0f 28 statues instock? Answer: 2 wks

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