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Coming in soon...Rare statues From An Avid collector,

These statues are owned by the rightful owners, and

up for grabs By Vintage Statues...

I get lots of statues in From Rare, To rarest! so once they arrive...Its sold on first come first serve bases!

I have no control of any other rare pieces once they come in and sold!

All photo's are BY us...Anyone who steals these photos and use them are committing copywrite infringement!.. PLEASE ALSO NOTE: All Photo's from sales HERE are going to Stay up but marked sold on it! As we like to show are sales HERE! of the nice statues that come in from our clients...They will not be removed AS THEY ARE OUR PHOTOS and will only be taken down when we feel there is New things coming in.

If ANYONE pays for a statue that is not contacted me Prior to sale! I will refund the money and Bar them from buying from us...I only DEAL with Reputable Avid collectors. Thank you

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